My life has revolved around dreams. When I was a little girl, I would wear Mom’s dresses, put my hair in a high bun, put on her high-heels, and let my imagination fly while pretending to be a grown up. As an adult, I had my own dresses and I started dreaming, among other things, about a giant closet that I would fill with clothes and be able to show off with pride.

I have always loved fashion. For me, the correct outfit is like a relationship. The pieces must complement each other, and it fascinates me to find the ideal partners. With each garment I find a little part of my dream comes true, but on more than one occasion, I have met lovers with broken hearts. 

Low cut pieces   are my weakness, though for a while they were also my torment. I wanted to wear them but I couldn’t find that “soul mate” that would allow me to do it perfectly. I needed a garment that would make me feel comfortable, sensual, confident and let me display my cleavage and feel great about it.

I made that search, into my new dream, and to that, I put down all my effort. I knew I wasn’t alone. I wasn’t the only one looking for the perfect complement to go with clothes I loved so much. I did my research, tried many things, and set forth. That’s how Intimma was born, the brand that wants to share the secret of beauty.

I have always walked with pride: of what I am and what I wear. But now, I do it with confidence and tranquility. We modern women know what we want and need. For us, looking wonderful is a fusion of what you wear and how you wear it. We are the archetype of beauty, and we love the pieces that are accomplices of our essence.

Now my dreams grow hand in hand with Intimma, with the search for new products, with the crossing of borders, to allow every woman that wears them to feel and look great.

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